2017-2019 MFA in Painting, Boston University, Boston, MA

2008-2012 BFA with distinction in Drawing and Painting, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2010-2011 OCAD University Florence Off-campus Studies Program, Florence, Italy

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Tracing Time, Commonwealth Gallery, Boston University, MA (11/12/18-11/19/18)

2017 Relations to Nature, La Boutique Noire, Toronto, ON (01/30/17)

Group Exhibitions

2023  Home, Lexington Arts Center, Lexington, MA 

2022  Human Nature, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA (01/06/22-02-05-22)

2021  Artist Member’s Exhibition, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA (09/01/21-09/25/21)

          Objectivity, Curated by Josephine Halvorson, Gallery 263, (11/04/21/-12/04/21) 

2019  Proximity, Curated by Josephine Halvorson and Didier William, Anna Zorina Gallery,

          New York, NY (04/11/19-04/27/19)

          BU MFA’s Painting and Sculpture Exhibition II, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA (04/20/19-


          Art at Sloane House, Curated by Dr. Beverly Brown, Sloane House, Brookline, MA


2016  Hy-Hope Farm Blossom Festival: Featuring Regional Artists, Curated by Lisa Bibb,

          Ashburn, ON (05/28/16-05/29/16)

2013  Artists-in-Residence Exhibition, Curated by Ted Seth Jacobs, Flemish Classical Atelier,

           Bruges, Belgium (07/26/13-07/27/13)

2012  97th Annual Graduate Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto, ON (05/03/12-05/06/12)

           Not a Drop to Drink, Munk School of Global Affairs, Curated by Lidjja Sabados, University

           of Toronto (03/26/12-03/30/12)

           Summer Emerging Artists Exhibition, Curated by Phil Anderson, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON

2011  Vestiges, Transit Space, OCAD University, Toronto, ON (Fall 2011)

           Vestiges, OCAD University Florence Studio, Florence, Italy (04/08/11-04/09/11)

2010  Hidden Growth Within the Night Air, Curated by Deepa Mehta, Toronto Urban Film.

          Festival, Toronto, ON (09/10/10-09/19/10)

          Four Richmond Hill Artists, Curated by Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Mill Pond Gallery

          Richmond Hill, ON (07/03/10-07/30/10)

          The Moving Figure: Under the Surface, MaRS Discovery District Building, Curated by              

          Stephen Tulk, Toronto, ON (05/29/11-05/30/11)

          The Figure Show, Curated by Maria Gabankova and Faculty of Art, Transit Space, OCAD

          University, Toronto, ON


2018            Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Greece Summer Residency, Mycenae,

                    Greece (07/01/18-07/29/18)

2017            JSS in Civita Residency, Civita Castellana, Italy (07/11/17 – 08/21/17)

2016            JSS in Civita Residency, Civita Castellana, Italy (07/11/16 – 08/21/16)

2014-2015  Painting Residency with Gundula Jacobs, Maine-et-Loire, France (09/01/14-


                    Winter at the Louvre, Studio Escalier, Paris, France (01/12/14-03/07/14)

2013            Drawing Artist-in-Residence, Flemish Classical Atelier, Bruges, Belgium


2012            Honorable Mention, 401 Richmond Career Launcher Prize, OCAD University

2011            Marsh Urquhart Memorial Scholarship, OCAD University

2010            Dr. Eugene A. Pegetto Scholarship, OCAD University

                    Barbara Sauerbrei Memorial Scholarship, OCAD University

                    Lisa Brown Memorial Grant, OCAD University

                    Ontario Student Opportunity Grant

2009            Curry’s Art Supplies Scholarship, OCAD University

                     Roman and Mary Schneider Foundation Award, OCAD University

Public Project

2018 Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre,  Colloborated with native youth

          community members to design and produce tipi paintings to commemorate the Indian

          Residential School Survivors for the Indian Residential School (IRSS) Legacy Project.

          Exhibited at the Aga Khan Museum for Toronto Nuite Blanche and at Nathan Phillips   

          Square for the IRSS Legacy Festival. (07/29/19- 07/30/19)


2023                 Introduction to Drawing I: Drawing in the Open Air, Waltham, MA  

2022-2023        Introduction to Drawing I, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 

2021                 Still-life Workshop, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA 

2020                 Painting Workshop, Youth Cultural Camp, Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural

                         Centre, Enniskillen, ON

2020                 Beginner's Drawing, Brookline Art’s Center, Brookline, MA

2017-2019       Teaching Assistant, Boston University, MA

2013-2017        Director and Instructor, Artists Academy, Toronto, ON

                         Programs held in collaboration with DCP (Darren Christopher Projects)

2003-2009      Assistant director and Instructor, Bita’s Living Art’s Center, Richmond Hill, ON


2021   Tatum Dooley, An Afternoon with Artist Mursal Nazary, Canadian Art Forecast. Web.

           February 19, 2021.

           Tatum Dooley and Even Nicole Brown, A New Shade of Blue: YlnMn, Canadian Art    

           Forecast. Web. February 24, 2021.

2019   Boston University School of the Visual Arts, MFA 2019 Thesis Catalogue. Print.

2012   OCAD University Graduate Catalogue, Open-Ended, Open-Minded. Print.

2009   First Impressions Anthology, The Afghan Girl, Richmond Hill Public Library. Print.